Tier One Tips to Get Your Slice Moving The Other Way

The slice is probably the most common shot hit in golf. If I had to place a number from my own teaching experiences, I would say a little over 80% of my clients come to me with questions on how to cure a slice. Fortunately, the fix for a slice can be very simple if the proper corrections are made and practiced. With time and due diligence to your game, your slice can become a solid straight shot and even a powerful draw.

If your ball flies left of your target (right for left-handed players) or even at your target and curves the opposite way, the following tips will provide you with a much more square clubface and path. Giving each of the following some attention will almost guarantee solid straight shots and even the ability to hit a powerful draw!

Strengthen Your Grip

– By strengthening your grip, you will enable your forearms to release freely with little effort. As a result, the clubface will have a better chance at being square to your target. With a path that approaches the ball a bit more from inside the target line, your ball will begin to start out a little right of your target and begin to draw back to the left. If you’re ball starts left and hooks even more left; more than likely you have adjusted your grip correctly, however, your path on the downswing is still moving hard to the left but now with a closed clubface.

Lighten Your Grip Pressure At Address

– On a scale of 1-10, feel as if your grip pressure is about a 3. This will allow your club to move freely within the swing, providing a better path, higher chances of squaring the club to the target, and significant amounts of effortless speed. When your grip pressure is tight, tension creeps through your forearms and all the way up to your neck and shoulders. When the hands get tight it prevents them from releasing properly, therefore leaving the clubface wide open and not to mention the lack of “umph” put into the ball. When the shoulders are tight, it is difficult to achieve a full shoulder turn, as well as good seperation between the lower body and upper torso in the downswing. This forces the right shoulder to come out of position, creating an over the top move. All of this can be easily prevented, just grip it at a 3 and let it be!

Move The Ball Back In Your Stance

– By placing the golf ball slightly back in your stance, you are able to contact the ball with your path coming a bit more from the inside of the target line. The golf swing is simply a big circle around your body with the ball basically being placed at the bottom of the arc. If your ball is placed too far forward, all things being equal, it will be in a position where the club will contact the ball as it’s swinging back to the left of the target on it’s arc. Therefore, creating counterclockwise spin if the club is open relative to that path. By moving the ball SLIGHTLY back in your stance, you will now have the ball in a position to be struck at the bottom of the swing arc with a much more square clubface.

Visualize The Clock

– If you visualize your ball as a clock, with 12 o’clock being on the target side, you should feel as if the club is approaching the ball moving from 7 o’clock out to 1 o’clock ( 5 to 11 for left- handed players). Thus, promoting an inside the target line-to-outside the target line feeling. In actuality, your path approaches the ball from the inside of the target line, squares to the target at impact, and works back towards the inside after impact. However, your current path that creates the slice approaches the ball from outside of the target line, swings hard left through impact, and continues even further left after impact. This imparts a huge clockwise spin on the ball which creates the slice. To correct your path, get the feeling that you are exaggerating your swing path to approach the ball from the inside. I can already tell you that this may feel very awkward and foreign, but I can 100% assure you that it will correct your slice when paired with a releasing clubhead!

Putting all of this together, assures that your club will now be on a powerful path with a clubface that is square to the target. For best results, practice each adjustment for 10 minutes a day for a week before moving onto the next. With a little practice, your dreaded slice, will become an effortless draw!


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