Golf Fitness at Copper Hill: Coach Takes the Challenge

In the eve of stepping into Copper Hill Golf Academy as an instructor, it was important to me to put myself through the golf specific fitness programming we’ve put together at Copper Hill Golf Club. In order to effectively coach both recreational and competitive players I felt it was necessary to go through the program as well. So I began with where I would with any other player I work with, an assessment.

Through a personal assessment of physical, health and golf related conditions; I was able to come up with a few key areas to target with the program. These key areas were: energy, core mobility, and gaining swing speed.

Energy is huge in golf. When you are out walking approximately 4 miles, making 80-100 mph swings, and trying to post your best score, it is tough when you aren’t thinking or feeling the same as you were on the front nine. Not to mention, if you are a competitive player the effect on mental performance is CRITICAL. After assessing my own health, I found that I simply just did not have enough energy to focus late in my competitive rounds or even in some cases during normal day occasions. I would find myself tired in the middle of my work day, always reaching for that extra cup of coffee or finding a Clif bar to munch on. So the first priority of designing the program was to address nutrition and supplementation. Beginning on January 27th, I began an herbal cleanse to rid my body of toxins that naturally lead to fatigue and energy loss. Along with the herbal cleanse I also made some dietary changes including more hydration, a more vegetable and protein based diet and substituting coffee (a diuretic), with vitamin based water drinks. With these dietary adjustments, I began to see differences in my energy levels after about 2 or 3 days and as the cleanse continued energy levels continue to be consistently high throughout my day.

Right now I am two weeks into my new nutrition lifestyle and as another result of the program that wasn’t really intended but a huge plus; my blood sugar levels have been as constant as they have been since I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 16. Not to say at all that this program is any cure or remedy for diabetes but for my personal results it has definitely made a huge difference that I am excited about. Having to take insulin multiple times a day flat out SUCKS! But now I barely use any on a daily basis, that’s pretty sweet. Enough of my diabetic excitement…moving on!

Getting into more golf swing related improvements of the fitness program. After an evaluation of both my golf swing and general body movements, I was able to trace the root to a few small nags in my golf swing to less than average internal hip rotation, posterior pelvic tilt, and tightness in my lumbar spine (lower back). Two of which have led to some amount of early extension when my practice time is down. My guess is that these three have probably come from the amount of distance running I do, in that I spend most of the time running forward leaving out any rotational and squat like motions. I have included mobility exercises into the movement prep portion of my workouts to help me maintain posture through impact a bit better and also get some separation between my upper and lower body to create more speed.

I’ve always been the shortest guy of my foursome. By the end of these 24 days I’ll be pumped to see results on the course. I will be updating results as the process continues!

Post publish edit: Today I spent some time getting some updated numbers on ball flight and found an average increase of 2 mph with each club. That’s a gain of 4-6 yards depending on conditions. I’m only two weeks through the process!


Fabio J. Colon, Golf Pro
Swing Speed Testing: +2 mph after two weeks of fitness programming




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