Golf Fitness at Copper Hill: Program Results


Copper Hill fitness challenge done! I have successfully completed the Copper Hill 24 Day Golf Fitness Challenge. The challenge is designed to be 4 weeks, but at this point I can’t wait to get through 8 weeks. Towards the end of January, I evaluated where I was health wise and as a player in order to set some goals going into the challenge. Areas I wanted to see improvement in were energy, core flexibility and swing speed.

Overall, this challenge has made a pretty big impact on both my health and my game. Thirty days ago I was at 187 pounds, hit my drives 255 yards and not to mention was an awful diabetic. I am now 174 lbs, have gotten drives up to 275 yards with an average of 265 yards and have never had such consistent blood sugar levels in my life as a diabetic. My 24 day nutrition jump start and 30 day golf fitness challenge is complete but I am now on to 25 Day+ continuing new healthy habits.

I began with some dietary adjustments to give my body the necessary nutrients to get my energy levels up a bit. These adjustments included a 10-day cleanse to rid my body of toxins, proper supplementation and more structure in my meal choices. The structure change was pretty easy to handle with the guides we use. I knew exactly when to have my vitamin drink, fiber drink or to cut down on carbs for the day. Over the course of 30 days I ended up with a 13 pound weight loss and enough energy throughout a day to get anything I need done.

During this process, my golf related goal was to gain some mobility in my midsection. Doing so would allow me to achieve a better impact position thus hitting the ball further and more accurately! Each day during the challenge I would spend about 15 minutes to do a few exercises and stretches that would help me get into these positions that I simply wasn’t physically capable of achieving before. Here are the results:

Golf Fitness Challenge Improvements
After (Top photo): Club releases with body; Before (Bottom photo): Early release away from body
Golf Fitness Improvements
After (Top photo): Solid Posture; Before (Bottom photo): Early Extension/ Loss of posture

Recently I made a trip down south for a coaching seminar. While down there, I played 54 holes at PGA Golf Club over the course of three consecutive days and after each round STILL had energy to hit the range or play more golf. I can recall competing with some seemingly fit players in three day 54-hole college tournaments and they would be ready for bed before the end of the second round.

It’s pretty neat to think that in 30 days, pretty much anyone can have more energy than a competitive college athlete.

Colon Golf- 24 Day Fitness and Golf Program
Colon Golf- 24 Day Fitness and Golf Program

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