Getting Yourself Into Golf for 2015

Spring is right around the corner and the golf season is near! If you have ever been interested in the game of golf to play with friends or to just get out and do something new, there are more opportunities now than ever before. Even if you have a bit of experience and are looking to improve, this may be the year to do it. There are TONS of golf programs that have been created across the nation being geared towards people who are just starting out, as well as players who currently play but have never received formal instruction. Below I’ve created a list to help you find something that you may find comfortable getting yourself into. Check them out:

Get Golf Ready

Get Golf Ready is a fast, fun and very affordable way to get into golf. This program is a 5 lesson series that is designed to give you all of the tools to get onto the golf course. Not only will you learn to putt, chip and make full swings but you will also be able to get onto a golf course to play a few holes. At Copper Hill Golf Club, once you complete the Get Golf Ready program, you become automatically eligible to play in our Beginner League which is something that you won’t find in some other programs.

Group Lessons

Getting into a group lesson is always a fun experience. The cool thing about a group lesson atmosphere just like Get Golf Ready is that there are no expectations, no required skill level and you get to be around a group of people that will make your transition onto the course that much more fun. These group lessons are run very similar to the Get Golf Ready programs just that they are a bit shorter and affordable. You will get generally two sessions of chipping & putting and two sessions of full swings!

Private Lesson Packages

If group lessons aren’t “your thing”, try contacting your local golf pro about some private lesson packages. If you are new or in the early stages of picking up the game, a multi-lesson package would be the way to go. A private lesson will give you the opportunity to work one on one with a golf professional in learning the game of golf. This can be quite the experience in that you can develop both a comfortable relationship with your pro and get a much more personalized learning experience.

Join a League

If you already play quite a bit but are looking for a group of people to play with or maybe some casual competition, consider joining a league! Leagues are pretty fun to get into, most clubs host a men and women golf league so you can be around your peers and find playing partners that may become a part of your regular golf group. At Copper Hill we have leagues for different age groups and skill levels, so don’t be shy!

These programs are actually open for you to get involved now! Get signed up, have some fun and learn a new sport!

Get Into Golf with Copper Hill!
Get Into Golf with Copper Hill!
Get Into Golf Through: Get Golf Ready!
Learn more about Get Golf Ready!

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