Golf Fitness: What it is and isn’t

Fitness is one of those things that either gets people going or frightens people to death. For enthusiasts, the thought of fitness usually represents gains, and euphoria’s wellness. For some it represents grueling running, intense weights that require tremendous effort to move  and crash diets that last about week.

I’m not in the business of giving you a beach body or making you lose 30 lbs (although is has been done in our program). My job as a Golf Fitness Specialist is to prepare your body to execute the movements needed in an efficient golf swing while staying free of injury.

Preparing your body for good golf can mean something different for each individual. Golf fitness does not always entail grueling workouts or wind sprints. For the competitive player, there is a necessity of speed, power and mobility to compete at the highest levels and that is where the need for high intensity training has to exist. However, for the remaining 95% of golf’s population. Golf fitness consists mainly of joint mobility and stabilization. The majority of golfers spend 40 hours working jobs that usually don’t require any athletic movement. Which means as most people are sitting in their computer chairs, most muscle groups are not being activated and it begins to show in the golf swing. or
Colon Golf Fitness or

One of the questions I ask at the very beginning of every lesson is, “Do you have any physical limitations that you are aware of?” The answer is almost always no followed by an explanation of how flexible they think they are, however by the time the person swings the club for the very first swing, I notice 2-4 signs of limitations just from posture that will limit the players motion as well as options I can give to this player to improve.

With some involvement with a golf fitness progression your body will be much more capable of achieving the intentions your working on through lessons. Golf fitness is all about nutrition and efficient movement not heavy weights and high mileage running. If you would like to discuss golf fitness some more or have questions please post below or contact me at


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