Pro’s Practice: Improving Par 5 Scoring


General off season goals for my game in order to compete in CT PGA section events, Pro-ams or CT Open Qualifier is to become absolutely dialed in on shots 135 and in.

By no means have I ever been considered a bomber, however I have always been a straight ball hitter with a great understanding of ball flight laws to create desired flights. With being a shorter hitter it is important that I take advantage of making birdies on holes that present the opportunity. Ultimately, on Par 5’s I control my destiny based on what I give myself for a yardge in. In competition Par 5 scoring is very critical. Winners on tour are generally the most under par in the field in Par 5 scoring. Take a look on PGATOUR.COM to check it out. So this 100-135 yardage range will be very important for me on Par 5’s of pro tournament length.

There are two major factors with longer range short shots I am focused on from the 100-135 range. That is not allowing the ball to deviate much from my intended lines and being more aggresive with my landing areas given that my spin rates would allow my to stop the ball relatively close to landing area depending on green conditions.




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