Fabio J. Colon

Teaching Professional               


  • PGA B-6 Teaching Professional Member
  • Certified Master Teaching Professional
  • NASM Certified Golf Fitness Specialist
  • V1 Sports Faculty Golf Instructor
  • The First Tee of CT Lead Coach
  • US Kids Golf Certified Instructor

Fabio’s Philosophy

My passion is in helping all players achieve the level of play that they desire. I take a very holistic approach in coaching players beginning with an interview of goals and assessments specific to achieving those goals. These assessments may cover golf skills, equipment, joint mobility, strength or course management. Through assessments we can lay out an effective plan for moving forward with tangible evidence of improvement.

During sessions I use a wide range of teaching tools including multiple forms of technology, video, launch monitors, physical training aids and visual demonstrations. This allows me to connect with all learning types whether that be visual, auditory, or feel oriented.

The golf ball doesn’t know whether you’re old, young, male, female or any limitations you may have. All it knows is what the club tells it to do. Anyone can play good golf, my commitment is to show you how!

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