NASM/TPI Golf Fitness Screen + 16 Exercise Plan  $100

Golf fitness screenings are a series of assessments designed to reveal Mobility and Stability within key areas of your body. The results will show us limitations in the body that directly correlate to issues within the golf swing, as well as any muscle imbalances.

The following areas are tested during the screening:

Pelvis and hip mobility
Thoracic mobility
Muscular flexibility
Core Strength
Shoulder mobility


Golf Fitness Nutrition Program $300

The Golf Fitness Nutrition program is a comprehensive supplementation and nutrition program designed to give your body the soil it needs to build a strong foundation. There’s something for everyone out of this program whether you are looking for faster swing speed, more energy or overall wellness. The goal of this program is to increase the potential ability to create higher swing speed, move your body more efficiently/injury free and to have the energy to finish the rounds strongly. Below are the program details: ($375 value)

Session #1: NASM/ TPI Physical Screen, Swing Data Gathering, Speed Drills

Session #2: 24 Days of nutrition and golf specific workouts with constant contact with Wellness Advisor Robbin Banks and Golf Fitness Specialist Fabio Colon

Session #3: Assessments, Swing Data Gathering, 24 Day+ Plan