Special Promotions

Special Promotions 

These special promotions are limited time bottom line pricing that are often focused on a specific area of the game.

NASM/TPI Golf Physical Screen + 16 exercise workout      $60 (Orig. $100)

Golf fitness screenings are a series of assessments designed to reveal Mobility and Stability within key areas of your body. The results will show us limitations in the body that directly correlate to issues within the golf swing, as well as any muscle imbalances.


30-min TOMI Putting Analysis             $35 (Orig. $70)

Putting is probably one of the most under taught and least understood aspects of golf. You can only take advantage of your good shots if you can finish the deal by making the putt or two-putting. Fabio and the student will sit down to analyze the students putting stroke using laser and motion capture technology. After discussion, the student will receive practical drills and instruction to get immediate results on the course.