Words around the course about Fabio:

“Fabio has been an excellent instructor for me.  Using technology and video equipment he has been able to compare and explain my swing, frame by frame, and side by side, to the swing and position of pros.  This has helped me see exactly where I can make changes; and with Fabio’s instruction, I am making those improvements and seeing the results.  We have repeated this process for putting, chipping, pitching and full swings.  I have restrictions with my hip turning so Fabio ran me through a full physical analysis and tailored my golf stance and swing to adjust for my limits.  He has also put together a full workout program to help me stretch those specific areas. 

I highly recommend Fabio if you are planning to take golf lessons.  He is very professional, he obviously enjoys teaching, is very knowledgeable, and makes learning fun and easy. He also has a library of professional examples to help show you the swing position you are striving for.”

Ron J.


“The videos on the website are extremely helpful. They go beyond others that I’ve seen where the professional discusses a tip and demos a couple of quick swings. Fabio’s video add more analysis. By combining discussion of the techniques with more visual analysis it allows me to both hear and see the correct positions reinforcing the moves.”

Richard N.


“Fabio Colon has helped make my swing into something that is efficient, powerful and individualized. He doesn’t give one specific swing pattern to everyone. Fabio recognizes that not everyone can swing the same way and works to make your individualized swing the best it can be. As long as you put in the work for the drills that he gives you, you will see dramatic changes in ball flight and contact just as I did.”

Jamie A.


“I’ve worked with Fabio for a good six months now and I must say I have improved greatly since I started lessons with him. Fabio makes everything seem very simple and makes what he is trying to teach you understandable. He knows what he is talking about and makes it a great learning experience. Overall, I would highly recommend doing lessons with Fabio, you’ll become a better player right off the bat, or should I say club?”

Mason H.


“After three or four lessons, I went out for a round and hit some fine iron shots that got me close to the hole and enabled me to score a rare (for me) round in the 70’s. I am confident that Fabio can help me further so I’ll continue to seek his input through further lessons. I recommend him to anyone with a goal of playing better golf.”

Ken M.